First Church Service

Aug 29, 2010

We had the first church service today! Hallelujah! It was beautiful. Over 200 people from the surrounding villages showed up to praise and worship. The builder's left the roof incomplete to allow the heaven's to come down in. The Holy Spirit truly rushed in and inhabited the praises. It was an awesome day!

The chiefs of the surrounding villages were in attendance. They made a public announcement of their gratitude for the project and the programs, as well as their support.

After the service all of the elders of the church and the center took a group of prayer warriors and split up to walk the land and anoint it with oil. It was a very moving experience.

We then gathered back at the church and prayed over lunch. A Very Mozambican fare, goat and rice. Or, for those of us not so keen for goat, pig. Skin, hair, fat and all! Mmmm....yummy...was great!

Towards the end of the celebration, a local village witch doctor drew near. She is crippled. She is hunched over at the hip joints and walks, straight backed and staring at the ground. To walk, she uses a large stick placed in front of her gripped with both hands, to help guide her. As we watched her coming in, one of the directors explained, this woman vetoed our land purchase. She is the reason that we had such an issue getting the land. Then one of the team members explained that he saw her walking the land earlier in the day and felt an overwhelming sadness for her. He asked if he could help her with something. Her stick had broken and she was looking for a new one. She was coming to 'take' one from us!. He helped her to find a big, strong one, and kindly gave it to her. She refused to accept the gift until her three lady friends prompted her to take it. She took it and walked away.

A couple of hours later, she was sitting amidst the others, eating goat and rice and staring at all of us. She watched us laugh and smile, play with children and praise the Almighty Creator for a beautiful day. She just watched us.

What an example. Was a beautiful day, full of joy, praise and worship to our God!

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