Outreach in Coshombone

Sep 02, 2010

There has been a nationwide strike here in Mozambique. People flooding the streets, burning cars, mobs of terror reigning throughout Maputo. The reports are very scary to hear. It is all about the increase in food tax. For a country with an average annual household income of less than $1,000 USD, a 50% increase in food costs is more than the people can afford. It has lasted 2 days thus far.

We are here in Chibuto, a peaceful quiet place, far, far away. It seems like another country here. People friendly and laughing, waving as they pass by, like any other day.

The team from New Zealand has been very patient. 6 lovely people that came to see what we are working on and what God is doing here and to spread the love of Christ. We had two outreaches planned for them. However, the one scheduled for last night was canceled as we were packing to leave. The local village chief explained that a local religious group was concerned about the information and propaganda we were going to spread throughout the village. What kind of havoc would we wreak? It was determined that we must meet with the Chiefs council before anymore outreaches.

Today, we received a telephone call from the head chief, the chief of chiefs. He said we could come to his village and show him what we are all about. So, we packed up with the New Zealand team, Joshua and Karen, Ian and Bev, Brendan and Hope and the rest of us, and off we went.

The service was slow to start, with drunken men loitering about the outskirts of the crowd. A chapa (mini-van/bus) drove right into the crowd and honked his horn. He too was quite inebriated. The chief politely asked him to move, which he promptly did and stayed to see what the crowd was gathered for.

Joshua gave a nice message on the Father's love and the crowd continued to gather. At the end of the message a positive response to the salvation prayer, and a call for healing prayer.

As the crowd pushed further in to the stage, we all lined up to pray for the needs of the people. The first woman came to me holding a baby with large sores and boils all over her head and body. As I began to pray, I felt the rushing of the Holy Spirit so strong, I could barely stand. I am not sure how long I was there praying over that baby girl. But, I do know that I began to feel those sores and boils disappear right under my hand. When I finished praying, she was perfectly soft and smooth. Her mother kept returning to thank me and hug me. Next in line? A woman with a lame leg. She was a village elder and the other woman stood around her heckling her desire for prayer. I started to pray for her and other team members came around to lay hands on her, as I prayed down to her feet; she shook off her shoes and began to dance. Hallelujah! Praise the Almighty Healer!

As I listened to her praise report, the others began to pray for a woman with a paralyzed hand. One of the team members held her hand. As they prayed for her, the strength returned with such force, he had to forcefully remove his hand from her grip.

When the night came to a close, the guys that came to set up and take down the equipment said that they could actually see the Holy Spirit moving as the crowds moved closer in to where we were standing and praying. It was beautiful and powerful. An amazing display of God's glorious love and mercy.

NEXT DAY: The New Zealand team left for South Africa. The strike is over, everything is back to normal and Mozambique is happy once again. The Chief of Chiefs was so happy with our outreach; we have been invited back whenever we want. The final closing to his call was, “once a week would be good if you are interested.” Praise the Lord, ‘His name shall be exalted in all the earth…’

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