Status Update

Oct 15, 2010

Greetings from Chibuto!!!

Bless Aguinaldo and Felito for their upward and always positive patience!! I find that in these building days when the action is consistent and not so fast-paced that I am wondering "where is the growth"? It only takes a moment to step back a half step and revisit a beautiful vision to see the glorious progress!

The church is complete with windows and stage and body and all! Hallelujah! What a glorious day of celebration! We had a feast on the Braii - for us americans, A great big barbeque!!! Fried Mandioka, steaks all around, with salad and fresh baked cookies and all the fixin's! It was heavenly! Even taught the mozambicans what a smore was - thank you daddy! :o)

The church was officially registered with the government last week. Now we can host all of the outreaches the chief's will allow us to host! Last week we started in Malehice. They asked us to return the next night and when the team arrived for set-up, over half the village was out waiting for them chanting Jesus!!! A beautiful moment words will never be able to describe!

The store house is complete and the builders are happy that they are no longer stuck in a tent along the road securing a trailer of materials and supplies. The road is half way cleared and the cross section is started.

The well dig began on Wednesday! Amen!!! A local mozambican company that builds the rings and all was excited to come work on the project with us!

The house in the village we are required to build is in the early stages. The house for the guys has started with all the materials purchased, the fence is 3/4 way up.

This week we had several new visitors to the church and children come to 'help' us build every day.

Yes, see, it only takes a half step back to see all of the progress. So fast, I can hardly wait for the first House of Hope to start, but so thankful for all the progress and no missing steps.

Blessings and many thanks to all of the financial and prayerful support to this amazing vision of which I am blessed to be a part!

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