Exciting New Year

Jan 03, 2011

We are so excited about this New Year ahead. What a remarkable time of restoration and reflection we have had over the holidays. The past year has shown such an amazing move of the Hand of God. With all that has occurred miraculously, we look forward with great anticipation. The building plans have been approved by the government. We will have the building permits purchased by the end of January, thus, requiring a great deal of preparation as we move into the next phase.

We are currently filling a 40 foot shipping container that will be leaving the United States at the end of January and arriving in Matola port, in the capital city of Maputo approximately 30 days later. The container will then clear customs duty-free for us and be delivered to the center in Chibuto. The container can be filled with building materials, housing items and clothing. If you have items that you would like to donate, email info@bythewayinfo.com or call (513) 520-0939 and ask for Paul and he can talk you through the donation process.

The crate full of building materials will be arriving in time for the first team of builder's we have coming from different parts of the United States. Right now there are two build teams scheduled to come beginning in March. The build will include two Hope Houses and a director house, potentially a school house room. The first team will come to lay the foundations and the footers. The second team will come to build up the walls and roofs. All the while, teaching our local Mozambicans how to build with materials they have access to.. The first team

Please keep this build in your prayers. It is not only materials and buildings. The interview process for widows or childless couples is beginning for these first two houses. As well, our interview process with the government to be allowed to take children is also beginning. The beginning of the schooling certifications and the clinic certifications are also upon us. How quickly things are advancing. Finally, at the end of the rainy season, the first ground clearing for the planting will occur.

What an amazing move of God! His awesome and mighty power! I can hardly believe that I get to be a part of it! I am so blessed.

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