Welcoming 2013

Jan 02, 2013

Here we are starting the New Year with new adventures in Chibuto, Mozambique and beyond! I would like to start this first update of this year reflecting on last year.

Building inspectors marveled at the house that was built. Mozambican builders that were taught how to build were able to find jobs to support their families while our builds were on hold. These jobs would never have been made available to Mozambicans before they were trained and skilled. The lives that have been forever changed just from this first build are innumerable. Such is the Kingdom!

That first house was put to the test of durability and strength when a cyclone came through Chibuto and by God’s amazing grace, went unscathed as the others around were left without roofs, walls, windows and doors. It was a testament to the goodness that God has planned for this place.

We drilled a well and have it in place. 95 Meters deep, it is the best well around. What a blessing! We are so excited to see what God is going to do with all of this water!

We mourned the passing of a great friend, pastor, brother and administrative director when Aguinaldo Franca unexpectedly passed away in June. A mighty man of God that walked with a strong anointing. He was an amazing mentor that expanded the kingdom, counseled many and loved the people with such a great heart. He is sorely missed and his absence is felt continuously. Such a path of life and love he sowed, what a legacy he leaves behind. In memoriam, the next house built will be named "The Aguinaldo House" - how apropos, his name means "A Blessing". Thank you Dayton Vineyard for your love and shared admiration for this mighty man.

The visiting teams that came shared their excitement for Jesus and a deep love for His people. They poured themselves out in such touching ways, it left me feeling humbled. New friends and family were formed and lifelong friendships forged. With outreaches into the bush bush and even into the town center, many were saved, many were miraculously healed and many received freedom from bondage.

Felito and Anna hosted many world racer teams and hosted crusades. One took place where a Village chief’s daughter was miraculously healed and he was so thankful to the All Mighty that he gave land in his village for a church and asked Felito to come and place a church. Africa on Fire is on FIRE!!!

Looking forward to seeing where these ripples lead. I look back and see how God’s mighty hand protects, leads, guides and cares for. This is important to remember as I look forward to what this coming year brings…

In this early beginning, we are working on a secondary school curriculum that will educate our youth beyond 6th grade and allow them to attend high school and gives them an opportunity to attend university. God says His people perish for a lack of knowledge (Hs 4:6). We are excited to be at this venture to provide an education in a place where the literacy rate is less than 10%.

We are filling a container with building supplies that have been purchased by donations and being shipped by US AID from the greater Cincinnati area and being delivered to our property in Chibuto. We are praying for safe passage and open doors for this to go smoothly without issue. We will not be robbed of God’s provision. (Mal 3:11).

We are beginning the brick building and land preparation for the wall to be built and placed. The country has asked us to do this. We are happy to comply.

We are also in the beginning stages of childcare preparation. As build teams come to work on the next house build, we are working on the details of childcare, interviewing house parents and getting all of the appropriate government paperwork and licensure fulfilled.

With all of this action bustling about, we have also begun our initial phases of agriculture and animal projects. More details to come later! But, I assure you, it is very exciting.

Did I forget anything?

Well in, Wall going up, Second house being built, preparing for children (Hooray!!!), secondary school being built (Preparing school curriculum), food and animals….hmmm…

What a year we are destined to have!

Thank you all for your mighty support of the Center of Hope and Africa on Fire. We are overwhelmed at your generosity, prayers and continued moral support. We love your letters and emails of encouragement.

We bless you and thank you, we pray that the Lord continue to multiply the blessings of your household with Joy, Peace, Grace, Mercy and Prosperity.

With Love and Joy,
Mareshah and the whole By The Way family!

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