MEPI - A mission located in the Amazon Basin of Peru, started more than 40 years ago to build churches and train strong biblical leaders to spread the word throughout the Amazon jungle.  A full scale pastoral training center, fully equipped with dormitory, kitchen and classrooms was built in October 2009.  The new addition to the already existing center compliments the MEPI board and staff and provides a valuable addition to offset the need for office space and meeting rooms.  Bless the Matson family for their support as Willie Matson, the patriarch moved with his family to Iquitos, Peru to be the general contractor during the entire building project.

With more than 100 churches throughout the Amazon Basin, the Good News is being shared to the headhunters and the cannibals alike. 

Plans for 2010 include a new church built in the heart of Contamana, Peru.  A village located on the Amazon.  This village hosts another bible school and trains pastors throughout the entire region.  In the beginning of 2010, they hosted the first national pastoral convention on behalf of MEPI.  The Governor was in attendance to show a strong government support to the service MEPI provides to the local people.  We will keep you posted on the progress of the Church in Contamana.  If you are interested in donating to this project, please note in the memo line when making your donation.  If you are interested in more information regarding the works of this mission, or details on the projects that have been completed, please email to