Amazing Grace

Dec 11, 2010

Let me start with an apology. This update is long overdue.

So much has happened and I can hardly wait for the pictures to be uploaded so you can all see what is happening here in Chibuto.

Congratulations to Jaimeto for the birth of a beautiful and healthy, baby boy! What an exciting time for everyone!

The plans for the entire center are complete and have been submitted to the government for permits to build. Material lists have been compiled and we are in the process of gathering materials to fill a container that will ship from the United States to Matola port in Maputo and clear customs, courtesy of the Dept of Defense.

After the storage house was completed, we were able to move the supplies and building materials in from the elements, and away from the road and wandering eyes. Jaimeto, Chana and Candido - whom I fondly refer to as 'the boys' built a house for them to live in through the early stages of the build. The house is Kinesu and they did a lovely job. Chana seems quite pleased. As well, they have planted a small garden of grass in front of the house as well. It was very cozy, nestled amongst the trees.

The well was installed for irrigation. It was very exciting.

We have some amazing men, called by God, that are coming from the states to build buildings and train the Mozambicans. The teams formed will start arriving in March. Some teams are still forming for April. If you feel that God is calling you to this vision, we can put them with a team if you do not want to travel alone, or we can organize a team for your bible study group or church body. The goal for the March teams are two Hope houses and a director house...and God willing, a school house room.

We have many scopes of the project in the early stages. What a mighty work that is moving forward. If you would like to sow into or somehow be a part of this amazing vision, please email or call.

May you and your family be blessed during this season of celebration! Happy Birthday Jesus!

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