Easter Sunday

Apr 29, 2014

What a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

The title of the message? “Why do you look for the Living amongst the dead?” My all-time favorite verse that describes Easter Sunday to perfection. Especially in this place, where the people seek help from their dead ancestors. We had a celebration dinner in the church. For the first time, our congregation gathered for a feast in the House of Prayer. They were able to see their tithes and offerings manifest food in the Father’s house. It was a tangible manifestation of the Provider they have been learning about. What a feast! What a celebration! What a day full of joy, fellowship and healing! The church has been doubling in size and the 30 children that have been coming around daily for weeks acknowledged their belief in Jesus and the laughter that filled the rafters was resounding victory cry! Fun was had by all!

Malachi_and_Bro.jpg Kids_at_church.jpg Me_annabelle__gida.jpg Vesquita.jpg Joao.jpg Candido_eats.jpg

This is the first full blog post of the year, for that I apologize. I have lots of good news to share from this year. I plan to continue every week. This week seems to be the best week of all to begin anew. Thank you for your patience with me. Please register to receive the new updates, or check back every week for new details of what is happening with the development of the Center of Hope in Chibuto, Mozambique!

Be blessed, be encouraged, be loved and know that we are not able to continue on alone. You are a valuable piece to this endeavor. Thank you.

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